flōs ferri Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Policy

flōs ferri Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Policy

Kerry & Taylor of flōs ferri portraits want our clients and followers to know that you and your family’s health and safety, and therefore, that of our community, are of the utmost importance to us. Both Kerry and Taylor, and members of our family, have elevated risk factors, so we are extremely invested in keeping this virus at bay. As of this time, we are continuing to book sessions at our Wolfeboro, NH studio. Here are the steps that we are asking our clients to enact, and that we, flōs ferri, are enacting, moving forward.

Firstly, we strongly urge all in our community to follow federal and local guidelines for keeping your home clean and safe. Please review the CDC “Resources For Home,” Page on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Website. These guidelines includes educating all members of your household, “about COVID-19 symptoms and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in homes,” as well as personal hygiene (frequent and proper handwashing, coughing into elbow, etc.).

Secondly, if you are sick or think you might be getting sick,  have been sick in the past 7 days or have household family members that are, or recently have been sick—regardless of the type of illness—please, please contact us to reschedule your session. Even if you have an illness that is not Covid-19, any illness will lower resistance to Coronavirus. Just stay home, get better, and exercise an abundance of caution. Conversely, if we or anyone in our household meet that same criteria or illness, we will absolutely refrain from being in the presence of our valued clients.

Lastly, we at flōs ferri portraits—until this crisis has been confirmed to have past—will follow the guidelines set forth in the article, “Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations,” from the CDC Website, for community organizations and businesses. These guidelines include washing visibly dirty surfaces with soap and water followed by disinfecting with a diluted bleach solution, and disinfecting visibly clean surfaces with a diluted bleach solution. We will enact these procedures before and after every session in our studio.

Again, your and our safety & wellness are our highest concerns. If it is advised that small, service-based businesses in our community should not remain open, be in the presence of,  or interact with their clientele, we will follow that direction. Let’s pull together as a community and as fellow residents of Earth to show consideration and concern for one another. We wish you all good health and happiness. Let’s be safe, friends!



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